George Kamel Headshot 2019.jpg


George Kamel is the host of The Dave Ramsey Show Video Channel (with 1 million subscribers and 11 million views per month on YouTube alone), and the emcee for Ramsey Live Events across the country. He has served on the Ramsey Solutions team for 6 years now.

George stirs audiences with humor and intention wherever he speaks. Whether it’s hosting a Dave Ramsey event like Financial Peace Live, Money & Marriage, Smart Parent, Smart Conference, EntreLeadership Summit, or even hosting The Dave Ramsey Show Video Channel, George keeps the audience entertained and encouraged about what their future could hold.

George is a diverse speaker and host who loves to challenge, motivate and encourage people regardless of their age or financial situation. He started working for Dave Ramsey in 2013, and after spending a few years in the marketing department helping craft life-changing, content-driven email marketing and social media campaigns, George’s career found a new direction on stage and in front of the camera. Today, he helps spread Dave’s message of financial hope to audiences everywhere, hosting 30+ events per year across the country, speaking to thousands at a time. An engaging and humorous speaker, George loves to take a seemingly boring (but important) topic and make it fun.

George is also an award-winning songwriter, musician and entertainer whose work has been featured in American Songwriter Magazine and Performer Magazine. In 2012, he released his debut solo album, The Great Coward, featuring nine songs that breathe Americana indie folk-rock.

Aside from recording a new album this year, George is also completed training to become a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Communication from the University of Mobile. George lives with his wife, Whitney, in Franklin, Tennessee.