As host of The Dave Ramsey Show Video Channel, and emcee of Ramsey events, George interacts with fans and customers on a daily basis. They openly share their wins, their stories, their dreams, their fears, their hopes. Through serving on the Ramsey Solutions team for 6 years, not only was George personally impacted by this message, but he gleaned a lot of financial wisdom along the way. Realizing that he couldn’t effectively help people in a two minute conversation at an event, or through a YouTube chat, George wanted to dig deeper and help people in a more intensive and fulfilling way.

That’s why George is now offering limited slots for personal, one-on-one financial coaching. These can be done in-person (Nashville area), by phone, or by video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts). George is currently in training to become the next Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach.

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